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I hope you'll be able to join me for some creative and fun mosaic makery! Scroll down, and click links to find out more.

Unless otherwise noted, these workshops take place in my shady backyard, under 3 canopies devoted to mosaic-making.

To reserve a space in any of these workshops, please send half the class fee as a deposit to me via paypal (my acct: sucra88@hotmail.com) or personal check (my addy: PO Box 1511, Carmichael, CA 95609). Please note on your deposit: 1.) your email address and 2.) which class you're signing up for. Once I receive your payment, I'll email you with confirmation. Note about checks: if you have to cancel, for any reason, and need a refund of your deposit, there will be a 25. admin fee.

New Online Indoor/Outdoor Mosaic Lamp class for 40.

Online tempered glass technique tutorial! For those of you who can't make it to an in-person workshop, here is an online learning experience! Click here to learn about and/or purchase my 33-page Tempered Glass Mosaic Basics Tutorial which comes with 25 instructional videos, and unlimited time in a private Facebook group with me.

What do the asterisks below mean? Workshops with asterisks are PROJECT classes. The others are technique-based.

Asterisks are for people in pre-geek mode; they're curious and want to have some fun. The techniques classes are for the geeks; they've come to admit that, for them, mosaic is a looking glass, a language, an orchestra (peppered with f-bombs and band-aids and bliss). ;-)

In Project classes you are in Builder mode. You are building an art piece. Technique classes are best for those who want to spend some time thinking about how this technique might inform their own art-making, we look at a variety of approaches and applications, and are definitely in Explorer mode.

Feb 2 (10-5) in Oakland
Cane-making and Coverings:Pattern-play with Polymer Clay

April 13 (10-5) and April 27 (10-2)
*Large Round Tempered Glass Mirrors

April 13 and 14 or July 13 and 14:
Tempered and Transparent Glass Technique

Oct 6:
Yard Art 1: making substrates for your outdoor mosaics

Oct 13:
Yard Art 2: design and tesserae

May 25, 26, 27:
*Memorial Day Mixed-media Mini-mania!

June 8:
Grout Session

June 15 and 16:
*Polymer clay Mixed-media Mandalas

June 29 or June 30:
Cane-making and Coverings:Pattern-play with Polymer Clay

Sept 7 and Sept 21 and Oct 5 (3 sessions)
*Large 24" Round Yard Art Color Wheel

More info about the following class offerings coming soon:
*July 20 & 21: Interactive Flash Tempered Glass Abstract
*Sept 14 and 15: Landscapes with polymer clay and tempered glass
Oct 12: Transparent polymer clay mosaics


Oct 27&28
Tempered and Textured Glass Mosaic in Sacramento (Carmichael)

Nov 4 in Carmichael
Canemaking and Coverings: Pattern-play with Polymer Clay

Feedback from past students:

"I highly recommend Yard Art 1 & 2, wonderful mosaic classes led by artist Susan Crocenzi. I had the pleasure of participating in both classes and I thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. I consider myself a bit artsy and I love color, but I am strictly a beginner with mosaics, even though I've wanted to try mosaic art for many years. I first learned of Susan in an article early this year in my local Pocket news. It was a large article about Susan's world travels and accomplishments associated with her artwork, and I learned that she had created an outside mural at a home in my community. I found the home, met the owner, and was thoroughly amazed at her magnificent mural created by Susan Crocenzi. Susan is clearly a very talented artist but, perhaps more importantly, she seems to love teaching and sharing her knowledge. Take her class and go have fun!" -Karol

"I recently took Yard Art 2 and was very impressed with how much I learned and how fun and relaxing the outdoor classroom experience was. I have taken several of Susan's classes over the past several years but still consider myself a beginner/novice. Susan's classes are not "arts and crafts" but in depth instruction on the ancient art of mosaics with her contemporary twist. This class required you bring your substrate (from Yard Art 1) or your own and focused on your design. How to transfer your design, direct versus indirect placement of tessera, materials, adhesives and grout were all included. For me the best part of the class was the discussion of how a mosaic artist places every tile intentionally. There is thought behind the placement of each tile. She discussed movement and ways to use tiles to create lines in your pieces as well as the importance of grout lines/colors and their contribution to your piece. She provided examples of her own artwork to look at during the discussion which allowed my brain to make the connection visually. She demonstrated how to make complicated cuts and keystone cuts using various tools to create shapes for our designs. After this class I feel like I can create a more complex mosaic than I have been doing and I am excited to try. However, I also feel that this study involves more than one class and a lot of practice to perfect and I look forward to attending more of Susan's classes soon. How lucky we are to have a local artist offering classes to share her knowledge and experience. Take advantage of this local treasure." ~Jo

"The class was FABULOUS! I learned everything I had hoped to and more but the best part was your bubbling enthusiasm!" ~Shani

"Speaking on behalf of everyone, we had an AWESOME day with you, Susan! Thank you so much for bringing your shiny, sparkly personality and stupendous creativity to Studio 9. I’m SO excited about doing more poly clay." ~Glynnis

"Thank you for a wonderful class in Sacramento. You are a teacher-extraordinaire! Loved that you are so willing to share your knowledge and techniques. It was a fun class with fun people. If you have an email blast that you send out for future classes, please add my name. I would be interested in a tempered glass class (The Alberta class is a bit far for me...).

After I got home I saw your video about the BEAUTIFUL wall piece you made. Wow!

I have been looking up all the artists that we talked about-- Kim Emerson, de st. Phalle, Ilana Shafir, and am in awe." ~Katherine