• Best email address to reach me: sucra88@hotmail.com

  • New Online Tutorial: Floating O Substrates

    New Online Tutorial: Floating O Substrates

    This tutorial includes a pdf download and video demonstrations!
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  • Soon to be released (Oct 6, 2021) Floating O Substrates Tutorial

    Would you like to learn how I created the substrates for my Floating O's? Are you interested in making simple sculptural substrates that are suitable for hanging or displaying outdoors?

    I have just completed my Floating O Substrate Tutorial! It consists of a 7-page .pdf download plus 6 short (less than 8 minutes) videos. First, purchase the tutorial at my etsy shop, and download the .pdf document. After that, watch the videos on your choice of platforms: a private Facebook group or a private youtube video (on youtube I've combined all the videos in one).

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  • O Substrates for Sale

    I'm so in love with my Floating O's that I've decided to sell the substrates. These are super-strong, made with Laticrete Platinum mortar, and are suitable for hanging outdoors (or indoors). Please see vid for example of O's that have been mosaicked. They range in size small-XL and in price 50.-85. and ship in usps flat rate boxes (most boxes can accomodate more than 1 O, for not additional s/h charge).

    Click to see pics (and read captions!) of O substrates, sizes, etc.

    Please email me at susan@scmosaics.com if you have any other questions or would like to purchase. Venmo (and Paypal) preferred. Thanks!

  • Tempered Glass Mosaic Tutorial

    Tempered Glass Mosaic Tutorial

    Tempered Glass Mosaic Basics Tutorial now available!| It's an automatic download .pdf available on etsy. Once purchased, you're welcome to join my private Facebook group (for as long as you like) where you'll be able to view 30+instructional videos, Q&A with me and fellow groupmates, post pics, etc. I hope to see you there!

  • Crocker Kingsley 2019

    Crocker Kingsley 2019

    As a native Californian I've dreamt of being in this exhibit for a very long time! YAY! My piece called Minds has been selected to be in the 2019 Crocker Kingsley exhibit at Blue Line Arts Jan 11th-Feb 16th.

    The Crocker-Kingsley exhibition continues a tradition that began in 1927 through collaboration between the Crocker Art Museum and the Kingsley Art Club. Established in 1892 by a group of fifteen Sacramento women, the Kingsley Art Club's mission remains to support arts and culture in the community. Early 2019 marks the 79th Crocker-Kingsley. The exhibition is open to any artist currently living in California, and it attracts emerging artists as well as those who are already established. Past Crocker-Kingsley exhibitors include many of the premier names in California art, including Robert Arneson, Kathryn Uhl Ball, Elmer Bischoff, Fred Dalkey, Robert Else, David Gilhooly, Ralph Goings, Gregory Kondos, Roland Petersen, Mel Ramos, Ruth Rippon, Fritz Scholder, Jerald Silva, and Wayne Thiebaud.

  • Article in The Pocket News

    Article in The Pocket News

    A great article about me and the 13' mural I created for a private residence in The Pocket neighborhood, Sacramento came out last month. Thanks, PN!