"Susan makes mosaics on steroids." -Carol Herschleb, Director, NCOS Tour

Mosaic art offers us the sweet possibility that our own crazy, disjointed life-bits can yield peace, beauty, and meaning.

Contemporary mosaic art, large-scale installations, and workshops in the Sacramento region.

I dream of a world full of Floating O's! I'm now selling O substrates. Sizes range from Small-XL and prices range from 50.-85. and ship in flat rate usps boxes (more than 1 can fit in most boxes for no additional charge.) They are suitable for hanging outside in the elements or inside. Click for pics of the various sizes (please read captions.) FYI: These are not kits; substrate only.

If you are interested in purchasing or have more questions, please drop me an email at susan@scmosaics.com Thank you!