"Susan makes mosaics on steroids." -Carol Herschleb, Director, NCOS Tour

Mosaic art offers us the sweet possibility that our own crazy, disjointed life-bits can yield peace, beauty, and meaning.

Contemporary mosaic art, large-scale installations, and workshops in the Sacramento region.

Susan Crocenzi, Contemporary Mosaic Art

Lakeside O

My latest obsession is creating and mosaicking these Floating O's. This is my largest one to date! Made with stunning Youghiogany stained glass. It measures about 24" and weighs about 4 lbs.

Would you like to learn how I made the O substrates? If so, here is a tutorial for you: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in this piece or commissioning me to make you something similar, please drop me an email at sucra88@hotmail.com I am also happy to make you a substrate that YOU can mosaic! Hit me up at the above email for more info. Thank you!