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For those of you who can't make it to a workshop, here is an online tutorial!

This Tempered Glass Mosaic Tutorial is 32 pages with more than 60 photos, more than 15 live links to purchasing info and/or more information. It is an automatic download PDF file/2.45MB.

Along with the tutorial are two other super-valuable and fun things:
1.) 25 videos of me (actually my hands) making a single 8x8" tempered glass piece + many bonus vids about alchohol inks, multi-colored grout, and grout colorwash. The videos (slightly amateurish--I am a 1-woman operation and a video novice!) cover: priming wood, paints, image prep, several ways to break tempered glass, simple glass cuts, glitter, float glass, adhesives and how I use them, mixing colored grout, multi-color grouting, and cured grout color/glimmerwash.

2.) You will be able to view these videos in our very own private Facebook group! Besides viewing the videos, you will also be able to post questions and comments for me and your fellow groupmates to answer as well as post pics of your works-in-progress in a safe and supportive atmosphere. I'm so looking forward to this, as it is the first time I've been able to stay in contact with students, coaching them as they progress through the technique. The group will last as long as FB does. :-)

Click here for more info and/or to purchase!

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Tempered Glass Mosaic Online Tutorial
Tempered glass mosaic