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Tempered and Textured Glass Mosaic Technique

Four great examples of the varied ways in which you can use tempered and transparent glass technique. Clockwise from top left: kitchen backsplash, wall-hanging, wall-hanging, entryway mosaic mural

The following weekend sessions takes place at my home in Carmichael, CA (class size limit: 5)

July 11 (10-4) & July 12 (10-3)

Photos of previous classes here

Each step of the tempered and textured glass technique is so satisfying. Think fearless painting, scribbling, inking, collage, embellishing, glassing, and grouting. You’ll be immersed in a grand build-up of color, pattern, sparkle, and shape. No previous experience necessary!

~~~~Tempered, Transparent, Textured Glasses:

This is NOT a traditional mosaic class wherein traditional tessera such as tile, marble, stained glass, seashells, etc. are used. This workshop focuses only on the technique of using transparent, salvaged tempered glass in mosaic. No previous experience necessary!

Some of the topics: Review of some of the leading tempered glass artists, tools, supplies and where to get them, substrates, adhesives, colorants like alcohol inks, and various media including decorative papers, photos, gift wrap, etc..

Cutting glass will also be covered.

You will do 3 small pieces/sample boards that allow you to explore the wide range of substrates suitable to tempered glass mosaic technique.

You can bring your own decorative papers, photos, or other flat (paper-thin) mementos if you'd like.

On the second day, we will grout our pieces using a rainbow of grout colors. Susan will also teach various ways to add multi-color and metallic effects to your grout! Grout colorants will be discussed and used by students to help illustrate how to use dark/light and colored grouts to best effect in your artwork.

FEES: 175./30. materials
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To register: please pay half the class fee (87.50) as a deposit via paypal (my acct: sucra88@hotmail.com) or snail mail (PO Box 1511, Carmichael, CA 95609). Please note on the payment which class you're signing up for.