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I documented the making of this piece and created an online workshop for makers, artists, hobbyists who are interested in how to incorporate polymer clay tilemaking into their art.

Perfect for beginners (beginners to polymer clay and beginners to mosaic and mixed-media art). It is also perfect for a seasoned mosaic artist who may be feeling a bit stagnant, or who feels discouraged by the difficulty of cutting hard materials (Polymer clay tiles are not as hard, therefore easier to cut), or who may be looking for a little more control over her tesserae options.

And for seasoned polymer clay artists who feel like broadening their methods and applications, this may work perfectly for you. This workshop shows a variety of ways to incorporate your already-made pieces, too.

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a VERY mixed-media mosaic featuring handmade polymer clay tiles
Fire Fall
mixed-media mosaic
8 x 8"

An ode to Autumn colors in this 8 x 8" piece made with a wide variety of materials including my handmade polymer clay tiles, stained glass, glass tiles, mirror, and ceramic tile.