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Yard Art 2: Tesserae
Aug 11, 9am-3pm
In my shady backyard in Carmichael.

Click here for a great album of pics of my yard art mosaics as well as past Yard Art classes and student work.

In this workshop students will be introduced to a wide variety of weather-resistant mosaic tesserae (ceramic, glass, crockery, etc.), along with the tools and adhesives that work best with them. Lots of hands-on time to work on your project. Depending on the size of your project, students may or may not finishing the adhering stage while in class.

Susan will demonstrate grouting and sealing. Most students will not be ready to grout, but will be able to see the process in the demo. Exception: any student who took Yard Art 1 and has ready-to-grout projects are welcome to grout theirs in class. Those students who want extra help with grouting at some point in the future are welcome to join an upcoming grout session.

Substrates are not provided in this workshop. Yard Art 1 students will bring their handmade substrates. All others are welcome to bring concrete pavers to make a stepping stone, or any other weatherproof substrate you'd like to mosaic.

This workshop takes place under pop-up canopies (w/mosquito screen) in my shady backyard in Carmichael, CA.

Price: $150. (includes materials)
Discounted price for Yard Art 1/Sierra 2 students: 135.

Learn how to make yard art mosaics that are suitable for outdoors
Yard Art 2: Tesserae