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This workshop takes place in my shady backyard in Carmichael (Sacramento) under canopies devoted to mosaic-making.

Important note about this workshop: Yard Art 1 is not a prerequisite for this class. If you are a mosaic dabbler or hobbyist, and you are ready to take your skills to the next level this is most definitely the class for you. Even if you mostly make mosaic for indoors, this class is for you because all of the information applies to mosaic-making in general.

Yard Art 2: Tesserae
Sept 13, 2020. 10-5

Click here for a great album of pics of my yard art mosaics as well as past Yard Art classes and student work.

In this workshop you will be introduced to a wide variety of weather-resistant mosaic tesserae (ceramic, glass, penny rounds, ball-chain, gems, crockery, etc.), along with the tools and adhesives that work best with them. You will have many opportunities to use an array of cutting and shaping tools, both manual and electric.

You will learn about how to create designs, where to find designs and patterns, and how to get them on your substrate. You will also learn about adhering tiles in the direct fashion (wherein you glue your tessera directly to the substrate) and two indirect methods of creating your mosaic that allow you to work in more comfortable and convenient ways.

You will also learn about several ways in which tesserae can be laid (andamento) in organized, flowing, and beautiful ways.

Susan will demonstrate grouting and sealing. This includes how to mix colored grouts and how to use more than one color of grout on your piece.

Because this is a TECHNIQUES class, you will have very little time to work on your project. The value of this class is in the instructional and purchasing information that will enable you to reach the next level in your mosaic skill-building learning curve.

Substrates are not provided in this workshop. Yard Art 1 students will bring their handmade substrates. All others are welcome to bring concrete pavers to make a stepping stone, or any other substrate you'd like to mosaic.

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Price: $160. (includes materials)
Discounted price for Yard Art 1 students: 140.

Feeback about workshop:
"I highly recommend Yard Art 1 & 2, wonderful mosaic classes led by artist Susan Crocenzi. I had the pleasure of participating in both classes and I thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. I consider myself a bit artsy and I love color, but I am strictly a beginner with mosaics, even though I've wanted to try mosaic art for many years. I first learned of Susan in an article early this year in my local Pocket news. It was a large article about Susan's world travels and accomplishments associated with her artwork, and I learned that she had created an outside mural at a home in my community. I found the home, met the owner, and was thoroughly amazed at her magnificent mural created by Susan Crocenzi. Susan is clearly a very talented artist but, perhaps more importantly, she seems to love teaching and sharing her knowledge. Take her class and go have fun!" --Karol

Learn how to design a mosaic, and cut and shape tessera like ceramic and glass tiles
Yard Art 2: Design & Tesserae