• New Gallery

    New Gallery

    You can find my work at Iron Willow Gallery in Placerville, CA

  • 2017 Workshops

    I'm currently scheduling my workshops for 2017. If you're interested in hosting me and my workshops and you have or know of a good venue for it (large space, lots of tables, good lighting, water source), please contact me.

    Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime here are a few dates and places (contact me for more info or to register):

    June 3 and 4, Prescott, AZ- Tempered Glass Extravaganza

    August 12 and 13: Denver, CO-Tempered Glass and Polymer Clay Bowls

    Sept 9 and 10: Portland, OR-Tempered Glass and Polymer Clay Spacescapes

    Feb 4-10: Puerto Vallarta, MX-Tempered Glass and Polymer Clay Bowls at Hacienda Mosaico