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Let's Pretty-up Your Yard!
Mosaics for Outdoors, Level 2: Wediboard Shapes

Offered twice in 2016:
1. Carmichael (class limit: 4)
March 5 (11-5)
March 12 (11-3)
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2. Nevada City (Spring St):
July 9 (11-5)
July 22 (11-5)
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The format of this workshop is 2 sessions with a week between to get some homework done. In the first session you will get your substrate cut and prepped, and get started on the mosaic (adhering tesserae to substrate). In the following week, you will do some homework and finish adhering. Then you will return (if you want) to grout your piece.

In this workshop, students will learn all about Wediboard, a wonderful tile backerboard that is suitable to hang in outdoor environments. We will cut shapes, rig for hanging, mosaic, and finish off the edges in this fun class. You will also learn where to purchase this backerboard, and the other supplies needed.

First session (Nevada City:July 9, 11-5/Carmichael: March 5, 11-5) Info about wedi and other substrates that are suitable for outdoor mosaics, cutting the board into simple shapes, and finishing off the edges. Planning a design on the board. Next, we will talk about tesserae and adhesives that are suitable for using on outdoor mosaics. And then in the afternoon you will begin cutting and adhering these materials to the piece. You will not finish by the end of the day. Our next session will be one week from today, which gives you a week to complete the mosaic.

Second session (Nevada City: July 22, 11-3/Carmichael: March 12, 11-3). This is our grout day. You will learn all about supplies, safety, tools, and the care and maintenance of grout. We will grout your pieces, using as many colors as you'd like. You will learn all about grout colorants, where to purchase them, and how to use them. I will then show you a few different techniques to incorporate several colors in your work.

First session: 100./40 materials fee
Second session: $50/15.materials fee
Both sessions: 140./55.mf
To register send me an email at susan@scmosaics.com.

Learn how to use wediboard to make fantastic shapes to mosaic and hang in the garden!
Mosaics for Outdoors, Level 2: Wediboard Shapes for hanging outside