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Learn how to use exterior grade backerboard to make fantastic shapes to mosaic and hang in the garden!
Mosaics for Outdoors: making shapes for hanging outside

Let's Pretty-up Your Yard!

Location of workshop: Sierra2 Center in Curtis Park, Sacramento
When: July 29 (Sunday), 10-4pm

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In this 1-day workshop you will learn all about a lightweight, exterior-grade tile backerboard to make mosaics that can withstand the elements. You will get it cut and prepped, and maybe have time to get started on the mosaic (adhering tesserae to substrate). Important: depending on how quickly you work, you may not have any time to do any actual mosaicking. The focus of this class is to learn how to make exterior-worthy mosaic BASES.

Shape ideas: flowers, suns, bees, rings, rounds, bugs, birds, address signs, welcome signs, diamonds, hearts, etc

Students will learn all about exterior grade tile backerboards that are suitable to hang in outdoor environments. We will cut shapes, rig for hanging, finish edges, and, if time allows, mosaic, in this fun class. You will also learn where to purchase this backerboard, and the other supplies needed.

Other info: wedi and other substrates that are suitable for outdoor mosaics, cutting the board into simple shapes, and finishing off the edges. Planning a design on the board. Next, we will talk about tesserae and adhesives that are suitable for using on outdoor mosaics. Later, in the afternoon, time allowing, you may begin cutting and adhering these materials to the piece. You will not finish by the end of the day.

By the end of the day you will have a 18x18" (max size) substrate ready to take home for mosaicking.

Because your piece will not be finished, we will not be grouting (the final step), but you are welcome to join one of my grout clinics if you'd like help.

100./40 materials fee
If you'd also like to take Yard Art 2: Tesserae there is a discounted price!
To register send me an email at susan@scmosaics.com.