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Memorial Day Mixed-media Mini-mania!
May 25 (10-4)
May 26 (10-4)
May 27 (10-3)

In this 3-day hard/soft material explosion, we will create small works (as many as you want) to hang separately or in groupings for hanging indoors.

Just look at the materials we'll be using: paint, inks, decorative papers, photos, text, polymer clay, tempered glass, glass, stained glass, ceramic, ball-chain, beads, gems, grout, grout colorants, laughter, experimentation, art-therapy!

Working w/super-small substrates (approx 5x5") allows for two super-important things: freedom to experiment and a sense of satisfaction in the act of finishing a/some piece/s.

Here is some info about two of the materials we will use:

Polymer clay is a great material that gives you a lot of flexibility. You can create tiles that are any color, size, texture, and thickness that pleases you. You can cover entire substrates with it, or you can combine with other mosaic materials. You don't need a kiln to cure it; just a toaster oven!
Click here to see my recent work with polymer clay

Click here to see student work with polymer clay.

Tempered glass is just as flexible as polymer clay, except withit, you have a clear colorless material that lends itself to whatever color or pattern you want. Almost always salvaged, it offers a cheap and earth-friendly material that also allows for great flexibility. You can make it look very blingy with lots of sparkle and shine, or turn it into a material that is matte and "quiet".

Click her to see my work with tempered and transparent glass.

Click here to see student work with tempered glass.

You will learn about both of these materials and the techniques that I use to make beautiful artwork.

You will also get information about and time to work with a variety of glass tiles, stained glass, and ceramic tiles along with the tools that best cut and shape them.

In a variety of ways (video, music, slideshow, discussion) students will be inspired throughout the workshop to think in visual ways, to express themselves using hard/soft art materials, to "go for it" with little fear, to level-up their skill-levels, which of course enables you to make better art.

Price: 350. + 50. materials fee
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Please email susan@scmosaics.com to register or ask questions.
It's gonna be sooo fun!

A three-day workshop! A hard/soft material explosion! A fun immersion into mixed-media mosaic!
Memorial Day Mixed-media Mini-Mania!
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