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In this 2-session midweek evening workshop we will embellish a small piece with polymer clay and tempered glass.

First session (4/12/2017, 6-9pm): Students will learn how to condition, shape, texture, and embellish polymer clay. You can make it flashy or subtle, thick or thin, flat or textured, high color or low. All without the need of a kiln (a toaster oven will do). By the end of this evening, you will have covered at least half the mini with polymer clay and have several extra tiles to take home for your future projects.

Second session (4/13, 6-9pm): Students will learn how to use a variety of mosaic materials alongside their polymer clay tiles. You will be introduced to an assortment of mosaic materials (tempered glass, ceramic, millefiore, etc), tools, and the best adhesives for this project. By the end of this session you will have covered the other half of your mini with these materials, and have a final product that is unlike anything you've ever created before.

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Price: 85./members 100./non-members
Class is not listed on Verge's website yet, but if you'd like to be notified when it is, please FB message me or drop me an email (susan@scmosaics.com)

Mixed-media mosaic hearts with polymer clay tiles and other mosaic materials
Mixed-media Minis at Verge Center for the Arts