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At Left Coast Art Studio in Los Osos, CA
October 7 (10-5pm) and Oct 8 (11-5), June 14 (5:30-9pm)
Price: 240.+40.materials fee

In this weekend workshop (some experience helpful, but not necessary) we will create a 12" bowl that can be hung on the wall, or sit on a flat surface that features handmade polymer clay tiles and tempered glass.

Polymer clay is a great material that gives you a lot of flexibility. You can create tiles that are any color you want, and size and thickness, any texture, shine, iridescence that pleases you. You don't need a kiln to cure it; just a toaster oven!

Tempered glass is an incredible material, too. Almost always salvaged, it offers a cheap and earth-friendly material that also allows for great flexibility. You can make it look very blingy with lots of sparkle and shine, or turn it into a material that is matte and "quiet".

You will learn about both of these materials and the techniques that I use to make beautiful artwork.

By workshop end on Sunday, you will have finished or almost-finished a beautiful bowl that you can leave ungrouted (grout is not necessary), or take a grout kit home to finish on your own.

I've been working with both of these materials for at least 7 years and I continue to be just as fascinated and respectful of them as I was in the beginning. If you'd like to see more of my work where I combine these two materials (plus other mosaic materials) please click here: http://scmosaics.com/section/184707-Mosaic-w-Polymer-Clay.html

First session (Sat):
We will work with polymer clay, conditioning, shaping, coloring, embellishing, cutting, curing. You will cover at least half your bowl with your polymer clay creations, and have a few extra tiles to take home with you.

Second session (Sun):
We will work with tempered glass. You will learn a variety of ways to create colorful, sparkling, patterned effects with this glass. You will learn where to find it locally, how to break it, which adhesives work best, etc. By the end of this session you will have completed a beautiful ungrouted decorative bowl for hanging indoors.

Please join me for a weekend of polymer clay + tempered glass mixed-media madness!
Poly clay + tempered glass decorative bowls in Los Osos, CA