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Polymer Clay Tiles and Coverings

Edmonton at Inspiro Studios (class limit: 8) (this class is full. contact me to get on the waitlist.)
April 25, 2018 (5:30-9:30pm) and April 26 (5:30-9:30)
Package rate for those taking Tempered Glass mosaic on Nov 4 and 5: 510.CAD

I am currently going through a MAJOR polymer clay bender. You wouldn't believe how many tiles and doo-dads I've created over the past month! I am wholeheartedly looking forward to passing this enthusiasm on to you! It is an amazing material, especially for mosaic artists and embellishers.

You can make tiles in the size, shape, and thickness you need!

You can create super-flashy textured embellished colorific tiles, or you can create quiet, flat, sublte ones. It's lightweight, so you can build them high so they will project from your mosaic.

You can makes stripes, marbled effect, wavy. You can create a grunge/steampunk look.

You can make peekaboo grids.

Seriously, this stuff's flexibility will amaze you.

You will learn all about supplies and tools, conditioning the clay, shaping, embellishing, texturing, sculpting, curing, adhering, etc. . By the end of the workshop you will have a small piece covered with polymer clay, and a wide variety of polymer clay tiles to use as coverings or in your mosaic projects.

Please email Susan (susan@scmosaics.com) if you have any questions or to make your reservation. It's gonna be fun!

polymer clay tiles and coverings for mosaic artists and embellishers
Polymer Clay Tilemaking for Mosaic Artists and Embellishers
polymer clay, tempered glass