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This workshop will be held in Hillsboro, OR, just outside Portland at Denny's Workshop

In this workshop you will create a spacescape. Based on the same design principles as a basic landscape, you will create a polymer clay foreground, a tempered glass orb-in-the-sky, and a background/sky out of tempered glass or other tesserae such as stained glass, ceramic, etc. Take a look at the attached album of photos to see all the spacescapes I've created over the years.

First session (Sat Sept 9, 2017): We will work with polymer clay. I am currently going through a MAJOR polymer clay bender. You wouldn't believe how many tiles and doo-dads I've created over the past month! I am wholeheartedly looking forward to passing this enthusiasm on to you! It is an amazing material, especially for mosaic artists.

You can make tiles in the size, shape, and thickness you need!
You can create super-flashy textured embellished colorific tiles, or you can create quiet, flat, subtle ones.
It's lightweight, so you can build them high so they will project from your mosaic. You can makes stripes, marbled effect, wavy.
You can create a grunge/steampunk look.
You can make peekaboo grids.

Seriously, this stuff's flexibility will amaze you. You will learn all about supplies and tools, conditioning the clay, shaping, embellishing, texturing, sculpting, curing, adhering, etc. By the end of the day, you will have created your foreground, and have several tiles left over to take home to use on your own projects.

Second session (Sun Sept 10, 10-5) Tempered glass day. Tempered glass rivals polymer clay with regard to its incredible flexibility: it comes in all kinds of thicknesses, it can be any color you want, display any pattern you desire, can be shiny or matte.
First, we will create the tempered glass orb in the sky. Maybe it's the sun, maybe it's Mars, maybe it's a star. Totally up to you. You will learn how to create an orb that glows, that feels like it's lit from behind.

Once the orb is finished we will work on the background/sky using a selection of tesserae like tempered glass, vitreous tiles, ceramic. We will discuss how to build groutlines that enhance the overall composition.

Toward the end of the day we will grout our orbs, using a couple different colored grouts. Here, you will learn about several different colorants, how to use them with grout, and where to purchase them.

By the end of the workshop you will have learned all about the many different colorants I use with tempered glass including alcohol inks, a variety of paint-based media, papers, glitters, foils, pens, etc. You will learn about regular transparent glass and how to use it alongside tempered. You will learn where to get tempered glass (almost always salvaged), how to break it, store it, etc.

Your composition may or may not be completely finished by the end of Sunday. You may need to finish up the background tesserae, and grout the background on your own. Other than that, you will finish the day with an almost-finished 10x8" (approx) spacescape, and have several polymer clay tiles to use on your own.

Price: $250./45.materials fee
Some experience helpful, but not necessary

Spacescapes: Tempered, Transparent, & Textured Glass and Polymer Clay for Mosaics
Spacescapes: tempered glass and polymer clay tilemaking for mosaic